Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fifty and Two by Soundpainter

"Fifty and Two" is a track about my journey through life to date. It ends up with a more sympathetic and caring feeling towards nature. -physically feeling the wind, waves, water and thunder.-appreciating every moment of life given to us and to therefore to explore our limitless potential as human beings while here on this planet Earth.  This file is in audio (.aif) format and rather large at 95.7 MB.  "Fifty and Two" is part of my set- "Ambient State of Mind" Fifty and Two by soundpainter

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meditation-Two-Go Deep by SoundPainter

"Go Deep" is from a compilation of tracks i put together to help people meditate. "Meditation-Two-Go Deep" is the second track in the series where the meditation begins to take you deep into yourself, into another world far from the "business" which most of us live in. Enjoy and happy meditating! :) Meditation - Two - Go Deep by soundpainter
Ninth Wave by SoundPainter

"Ninth Wave". This is the 9th and highest of the Mayan "waves" from the Mayan calendar of evolution. This wave brings the universe to its highest state of existence. 18 periods lead humans to their highest state of consciousness. The Mayans have stated that the Universe undergoes 9 states of evolution. Ninth Wave by soundpainter

Monday, 6 February 2012

Our Planet is a terminal of inspiration. We all can see what is in front and around us. If we begin to listen and respond to the signs our world has given us- like the wind, the air, the sun, the moon, the integration between humans, we will begin to transform beyond our own limitations, beyond known boundaries.
This is a spoken passage that will be on my next composition which is nearly completed called "Transformation- Abstract-One". I will let everyone know when this is completed and will post it here on this Blogsite. This composition will be dedicated to a group called "The Leaders Circle". A group dedicated to motivating and teaching others in organizations to  reach their potential in leadership through motivating one's "self" as well as others to invent, to create, to come up with new paradigms. Create that which has not been created yet and that will create a benefit to all.
SoundPainter- AJ

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Transitional Fusion Music has been purchased by me as a website on the internet. This Blogsite is a temporary site that establishes or introduces some of the Music that i term "TFM". TFM is a type of music genre that is transitional in the sense that it represents what many of us are going through as we transition into 2012 and beyond. This period is marked by people beginning to "dig deep" or look inside of themselves. Many of us have been so wreckless and fastpaced that we havent had the time to stop and notice the beautiful earth that we inhabit, the beautiful people we interact with but take for granted, the animals, all of nature and most importantly a spiritual awareness of what surrounds us and what we all represent as beings on this planet. We will become aware of other dimensions as the "veil" of consciousness becomes thinner and we are allowed or invited (if we seek) to enter into the subconscious mind that eventually allows us to travel beyond this earth and begin to feel the important vibrations and frequencies that are taking place all around us. We will become "awakened" in this new period of time. We will have a crystalline vision of what is out there. We will have Crystalline Eyes!
I invite you to begin to listen to the music that i create as this music will represent a new state of consciousness for most and myself in particular. I will begin to journey through this consciousness and at the same time i will channel my experiences through the Transition fusion of past centuries of music genres whereby creating a new consciousness in music called Transition Fusion Music.
I have been building up this awareness over the last 40 years and as a result i intend to focus all of my efforts in giving you listeners a medium (TFM) that will help you or "catapult" you into the new awareness!
Many mediums exist today, like Reiki, Meditation, Yoga etc. These all initiate the opening in my opinion or the "Gate of Illumination" that transports us into another "world". Once we visit these new places we will try and co-exist together consciously aware of the multiple dimensions, vibrations, sensations. This will begin to shape our Brain thoughts away from Survival to an new paradigm of thinking which will be "all one", all encompassing, sympathetic awareness of everything around us, that which we can see in front of us as well as that which we cannot see within and around us.
I hope to begin sharing with you more of my Transitional Fusion Music in the near future.

Today i exist as the "SoundPainter" here on my blogspot as well as on soundcloud which you can refer to through the links on the page. I hope to hear from you all soon and wish you all creative and aware journeys as we transition through 2012.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Inception - SoundPainter

"Inception" was completed March 11,2011. This is a piece about Dreams inspired by the movie "Inception" with Leonardo DiCaprio. For me, this is about entering other people's dreams. The Morse code represents almost a wake-up call or plea to bring the dreamer back into the here and now.This was a very difficult piece to write at the time. There were lots of distractions around me and it was difficult entering a "dream-like" state which i wanted to be in while composing. I wanted the music to be almost "channeled" rather than contrived or contemplated. enjoy! Inception by soundpainter
Coming Up For Air - SoundPainter

"Coming up For Air" is a metaphor for coming out of depression. the key is C minor. Surfacing to the world to relate to all again. this piece is going to be part of a CD compilation that focuses on anxieties and inner strength to battle mental hardships to ultimately overcome fears. This tune is dedicated to all that suffer from depression. Coming up for Air by soundpainter